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How To Enable Cookies In Your Browser

Approx. read time : 2 min

The Control Panel uses browser cookies. You can download the most recent variant of a browser from its developer’s website. Most of the browsers have an approach to redesign your browser version straightforwardly through the browser itself.

Browser Cookie FAQ’s

1) What is a Browser Cookie?

A browser cookie is a little bit of information that a server demands your web browser to monitor. For e.g., whenever you log into your MilesWeb control panel at that time you provide your login credentials. This information is tracked by your web browser so that it can tell our server that you are now signed in and collaborating with the Control Panel. Without cookies enabled, our server would show you out of the Control Panel each time whenever you attempted to collaborate with it.

2) How Do I Enable Browser Cookies?

Click on below link to visit the developer website for details:

1) Microsoft Internet Explorer

2) Mozilla Firefox

3) Google Chrome