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How to Fix Image Links after a WordPress Migration?

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Since the images in WordPress are coded differently, just changing the site URL won’t fix it. In this tutorial you will learn to fix image links by using your phpMyAdmin tool.

Note: This step isn’t compulsory. It is essential if your domain name is changing during the migration.

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Steps to Correct Image Links After a Migration

1. Log into your cPanel account.

2. Go to the Databases section and click on the phpMyAdmin tool icon.

phpmyadmin min

3. It will open the main phpMyAdmin page. Search for the newly added database and click on its name from the left-hand sidebar. Here the database name is aaeotyee_wp231.

4. With this the database opens and the screen gets refreshed with a list of the tables. Go to the sidebar and click on the wp-posts table.

wp posts min

5. On the top of the screen, you will see several tabs running across the page. Click on the SQL tab.

sql min

6. In the MySQL editor screen, go to the code area and copy the below bit of MySQL.

Ensure that you replace the old sitename with the new site name. For instance, your original site was, the new test site will be at so the code should appear as below:

In order to run the code and change the URLs for all images in the posts, click on the Go button. With this other ‘hard coded’ links will also get affected that were in the posts that pointed to the original site.

Note: The image paths are displayed in the bottom left hand corners of the images.

You can now check how the image URL has switched to the new sitename after the SQL code is run.

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