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How to fix the Node.js Application error: “Cannot GET” URL?

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When you’re trying to use Node.js application, you might get an error about the app being unable to “Get a URL.”

The main cause is, Node.js implementation in cPanel uses Phusion Passenger to manage Node.js applications. When you create an app in Node.js cPanel, Passenger uses the value in the Application URL text box for creating the root path.

For example, if the application URL text box is set to ‘myapp’ then the root path for the app is not “/”but “/myapp”.

In this article, we will get know how to resolve this error.

How to Resolve the Error, Node.js application error message: “Cannot Get” URL?

Firstly, to resolve the issue, you need to include the application URL in your routes. The below code explains how to do this process using the very popular Express web application framework.

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It basically assumes that the Application URL text box in the Node.js app is set to myapp.

app.get(‘/myapp/’, function(req, res){

    res.send(“Hello from the root application URL”);


app.get(‘/myapp/test/’, function(req, res){

    res.send(“Hello from the ‘test’ URL”);


In the above code sample, there are two codes defined,/myapp and /myapp/test. If your domain name is and you are using your web browser to view app or, you get the Cannot GET error message.

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