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How to Install Drush Manually?

Drush is a computer software shell-based application which is used to control, manipulate and administer Drupal websites.

The Drush installation process uses a PHP dependency manager known as a composer. Thus you require to install composer on your account before installing Drush.

# Steps to install Drush :

1. Log in to your account using SSH.

2. Select the Drush version that you wish to install :

Install Drush 8 by typing following command :

Install Drush 7 by typing following command :

3. Now determine the CentOS version used on your server by typing following command :

If you get an output of this command containing eI7 (for example, 3.10.0-714.10.2.Ive1.5.9.el7.x86_64), then your server is running CentOS7.

If you get an output of this command containing eI6 (for example, 2.6.32-673.23.1.Ive1.4.27.el6.x86_64). then your server is running CentOS6.

4. In order to add Drush to your path, type the following commands depending on the CentOS version that you have obtained in step 3 :

For the server running CentOS 7, type the following command :

For the server running CentOS 6, type the following command :

5. To make the new path effective immediately, type the following command :

Now you can see Drush is now installed and is ready to use.

If you want to confirm if Drush is installed correctly, then type the following command :

Dursh will show you the recent version number.

If you want to update Drush to the newest version, then type the following command :

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