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Install Super-Fast PrestaShop Store on CyberPanel with One-Click

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CyberPanel is a free hosting control panel that helps you manage your websites. With one command, you get a fully functional LAMP stack that is ready to serve your web applications at no cost.

This guide will help you install a super-fast PrestaShop store on CyberPanel with one-click. Even non-technical users can easily install a PrestaShop store.

What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is a free and open-source platform to set up your online eCommerce store. It has some great features that make it user friendly, and allow end users to set up online shops without any help from web developers. Business merchants build their eCommerce websites using PrestaShop due to its incredible functionality.

It works on PHP, and due to its smooth functionality, there are more than 2.5 million eCommerce websites that are set up on PrestaShop. If you know WordPress, then it is easy for you to understand PrestaShop and make your eCommerce store.

Why is PrestaShop the Best Option for You?

PrestaShop is a very popular CMS (Content Management System) due in part to the abundance of third-party developers who have developed themes and plugins to extend core PrestaShop functionality. This includes free and premium templates based on your requirements. You can buy a theme that suits your targeted niche with a one-time payment for a lifetime, and create a fully functional E-commerce store that fits your needs completely.

If you are on the LiteSpeed Enterprise web server you can also make use of the LSCache PrestaShop plugin which is completely free to use. This plugin offers full-page server-side caching with intelligent tag-based purging so that stale content is never served to end users. On top of that, there is also public and private caching with ESI features.

How to Install CyberPanel?

  • To install CyberPanel, you must have a VPS or dedicated server with CentOS 7.x installed (minimal CentOS is preferred).
  • If you are a Microsoft Windows user, download Putty software, so that you can access your server remotely over SSH. If you are a Linux user, you can use your terminal.
  • After logging in from the command line terminal of your VPS, enter the following command to install CyberPanel:
sh <(curl || wget -O -

You can get help from the CyberPanel Knowledge Base if you have difficulty with installation. If you have one domain on a machine with 2GB RAM or less, then you can use the CyberPanel Enterprise version for free, which is enough for a single website. Otherwise, use CyberPanel completely free with OpenLiteSpeed (for unlimited domains and no RAM limit).

Why use CyberPanel?

CyberPanel ships with OpenLiteSpeed/LiteSpeed Enterprise. Both versions of LiteSpeed web server have the built-in LSCache module. The LSCache module helps to improve the performance of PrestaShop CMS by more than 10X using full-page server-side caching.

How to Create a Website on CyberPanel?

Create a Website Step 1

Log into CyberPanel by providing your username and password, which you should have set during installation from the command line terminal. Once you are in the main dashboard, click Websites > Create Website:

Create a Website Step 2

Enter the following information:

  • Select Package: Default
  • Select Owner: admin or the name that you have entered while installing CyberPanel
  • Domain Name: Your PrestaShop domain name
  • Email: Your admin email address
  • Select PHP: Choose a version from the drop-down list (Should be greater than or equal to PHP 7.1)
  • Additional Features: Optionally select additional features if you require an SSL certificate (SSL requires you to have DNS records already pointed to your server), DKIM support, or open_basedir protection for your website.

Click the Create Website button and your site will be ready within a few seconds.

Create a Website Step 3

Navigate to Websites > List Websites and you should see your new website:

Install PrestaShop on CyberPanel With One Click

Install PrestaShop Step 1

To install super-fast PrestaShop on CyberPanel, go to Websites > List Websites > Manage > Application Installer > PrestaShop.

Install PrestaShop Step 2

Enter the desired information for the setup of your eCommerce store:

  • Shop Name: The name you’ve given to your eCommerce store
  • First Name: First name of the administrator
  • Last Name: Last name of the administrator
  • Email: The official email address of your e-commerce store
  • Password: Set a strong password
  • Database Prefix: Keep the default suggestion

Install PrestaShop Step 3

Press the Install Now button. It will take some time, and then you will be ready to use your eCommerce store with just one click.

Install and Configure LSCache Module on Your PrestaShop Store

Configure LSCache Step 1

Download the LSCache plugin locally to your computer from this link.

Configure LSCache Step 2

Visit your PrestaShop Admin area at Enter the email address and password that you set when creating your PrestaShop store. Click Modules > Modules and Services > Upload a Module. Upload the LSCache module and wait for it to install successfully.

Configure LSCache Step 3

Set Enable LSCache to YES to complete your basic configuration. If you wish, you can download other plugins or modules per your requirements.

Why is LSCache so FAST?

When a request comes in from a browser, the LiteSpeed cache checks whether the page exists in the cache or not. If it exists, then LSCache picks it automatically and sends it back to a browser. If not, then LSCache forks a PHP process to process the request (which is a time-consuming task, but the next time the page is served from cache).

Most Useful PrestaShop Add-ons and Modules

Let us discuss some useful Add-ons and modules that will help you boost your E-commerce store.

1. JX Security Pack to Secure Your E-store

Security is the priority of your E-store. JX Security Pack is a set of modules that brings the best security settings to lower the risks of getting hacked, viruses, and transference of affected files to your E-store. On the internet, susceptibility to attack from different web applications are on peak, and it is the best available option for a price of $59 to use.

2. JX Accelerated Mobile Page for SEO of Your Website

After setting the foundation of your E-store, the next step is to optimize according to Google standards. JX Accelerated Mobile Page allows you to improve the operations of your online store on mobile devices, such as increasing the load speed of your web pages to provide a better user experience. It is a beneficial module, if you want to increase organic traffic to your E-store.

3. JX Header Account to Increase Social Presence of Your E-Store

JX Header Account module allows your customers with login and registration forms in the header section of your web page to create an account or log in to the existing account. It helps to build networks with your current friends, and you can also find new friends over social media to integrate your store with popular social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

4. NT Backup and Restore Module

Backup is an essential module for the guarantee of your content safety. It ensures that your data is secure and can be restored anytime in case of cyber attacks or file corruption. You can also avail extra services from your web hosting company, but PrestaShop provides you its backup module for better security.

NT Backup and Restore Module helps you upgrade your E-store to the latest PrestaShop version with its migration module. With a few clicks, you can easily upgrade. You can set backup to automate upgrade or manually.

5. Payment Gateways Add-ons and Modules

Payment gateways in the E-commerce industry play a vital role. Every customer wants to use the safest gateway for their online transactions. PrestaShop offers many default payment methods, but some other popular portals are recognized by their trustworthy services online like Manual Credit Card Processing – Offline payment Module and Quick Pay.

6. Shipping Gateways Module

E-stores make their value in the market by competing for their commitments and quality. In the E-commerce industry, it is an extra responsibility to deliver the products to customer places. Selecting a suitable shipping gateway is a significant challenge to keep the goodwill of the company alive. There are the most popular shipping gateways that PrestaShop offers, such as FedEx, UPS, Interpay, etc. Other than that, PrestaShop offers a module called “PrestaShop ERP – Purchase Order management Module” that is effective for supply chain management such as calculation of stock and supply orders creation and tracking.

7. JX Search Module for Navigation of Your E-store

JX Search module helps you to make the best user experience of your E-store. It provides an aptitude for the advanced search to your E-store. It has a simple GUI to search for products in a particular category. The output against customer query shows proper information like an image of the product, category description, manufacturer, and price of the product that is entered manually by the owner to make it an outclass user experience.


Now, we have successfully installed the super-fast PrestaShop store on CyberPanel with one-click. We have also installed LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) to make the best experience with our services as compared to NGNIX or any other web server. In the end, we have covered the most useful modules and add-ons that are offered by PrestaShop to make your E-store the most reliable and up to date.


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