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Learn to configure Silverlight in Plesk

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This article guides you on how you can use Plesk to configure your site to support Microsoft Silverlight files.

# Steps to configure Silverlight

1. Log in to Plesk.

2. Click on Websites & Domains at the left sidebar of Plesk panel.


3. Identify and locate your domain and then click on Virtual Directories.

Virtual Directories

4. The Virtual Directory page will appear. On it, click the MIME Types tab.


5. Click on Add MIME Type.

MIME type

6. Now the Edit MIME Type will appear :

MIME page

7. In the text box for Extension, type .xaml

8. In the list box for Content, select application/xaml+xml.

9. Click on OK.

10. Under the MIME Types, browse the extension list and confirm that the .xaml extension is configured. Additionally, verify that all the following extensions are also confirmed:

.xap application/x-Silverlight-app

.xbap – application/x-ms-xbap

That’s it!

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