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Learn to maximize Dropmysite backup storage space

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During the purchase of Dropmysite for your account, you need to select a specific and finite amount of backup storage space. Although it may look like a large amount of storage space, but it can fill up very quickly if you don’t use carefully.

This article describes how you can maximize Dropmysite backup storage space for your account.

# Backup Scheduling and Retention

A way to maximize the backup storage space is to maintain an efficient backup and retention schedule customization for your site’s particular requirements.

For example, for a blog that you don’t update frequently (just once or twice a week/month), the following settings are sufficient :

• Weekly backup frequency.

• Retain a greater number of backups. Depending on the size of your sites and files.

Otherwise, if you run an online store, then you can use the following settings :

• Daily backup frequency.

• Retain a smaller number of backups.

# Exclude data from backups

You might be using an efficient backup schedule, but in addition to that, you can exclude unnecessary data from your backups. For example, some things don’t need to have backups, like a caching folder and log files. These items consume a very large amount of disk space and are not needed to restore a site.

Most of the time, hosting providers safely exclude the following directories from the Dropmysite backups :

• access-logs

• cache

• .cagefs

• .cpanel

• tmp

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