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Learn to remove password protection from the site statistics page

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Plesk by default requires users to authenticate before they can view the statistics page for a website or domain.

However, you can remove password protection from the statistics page as per your needs.

# Steps to remove password protection

Perform the following steps to remove password protection from the site statistics page for a website or domain :

1) Log in to Plesk.

2) Click on Websites & Domains present at the left sidebar of the Plesk panel.

3) Find the domain that you want to configure, and then click on Hosting Settings :

Hosting Settings

Hosting Settings page will appear.

4) On the page for Hosting Settings, scroll down the Web scripting and statistics section :


5) Clear the checkbox of Protect access to your web statistics with your FTP username and password.

6) Now, click on OK. Users now will be able to view the statistics page without even typing a username or password.

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