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Learn to setup Two-Factor Authentication for Reseller in WHM

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It is easy to enable and disable two-factor authentication for resellers. Using this function you can configure two-factor authentication, also improve the security measures for the login interface of cPanel and WHM. For two-factor authentication you require two forms of identification:

• Your password.

• A generated security code.

Once you enable two-factor authentication, an application provides a code on your smartphone that you need to enter with your password to get logged in. Without a smartphone, you won’t be able to log in.

Apps suggested by cPanel are :

Android, Blackberry, and iOS – Google Authenticator

Android and iOS – Duo Mobile

Windows Phone – Authenticator

# Settings :

With the Settings tab, you are allowed to configure the two-factor authentication Issuer setting. The Issuer setting controls the name that gets appear in the authentication app when a user accesses the security code.
Perform the following steps to customize the Issuer setting for two-factor authentication :

1) Click on the Setting tab.

2) Enter the value that you wish for the Issuer setting or use the default value.

3) Now click on Save.

# Steps to manage users :

The Manage Users tab shows all the accounts for which you have configured two-factor authentication. Additionally, it allows disabling the authentication on those accounts.

# Remove two-factor authentication on a user account :

In order to remove the authentication for a single user account on the Manage Users list, you need to click on Disable to the right of the user account.

Perform the following steps, to remove multiple user accounts from the Manage Users list :

1) Go to the Manage User tab.

2) Select the checkboxes present to the left of each user account that you wish to remove. Or you can also select the checkbox present to the left of the User heading to select them all.

3) On the top right side of the list click on the gear icon, and then click on Disable Selected.

# Enable the two-factor authentication on a user account

In order to enable two-factor authentication for a user account, log into the cPanel interface as a user and navigate to cPanel’s Two-Factor Authentication.

# Manage My Account

Go on Manage My Account tab that allows you to set up two-factor authentication for a reseller account.

Perform the following steps to configure two-factor authentication :

1) Click on Set Up Two-Factor Authentication.

2) Now to complete the authentication process, you need to create a link between your cPanel account and your two-factor authentication app :

• In order to automatically create the link, scan the displayed QR code with your app.

• In order to manually create the link, enter the Account and Key information provided to you in your app.

For any kind of assistance about enabling two-factor authentication on your reseller account, contact MilesWeb’s support team through the LiveChat on website.

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