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How to migrate CS-Cart store from current hosting to a new hosting provider?

Approx. read time : 2 min

In this article, we have mentioned the actual steps that one needs to execute to transfer the CS-Cart website from one server to another server. If you would like us to take care of the migration get in touch with our support team, we will make this move as smooth as possible.

Backup – The most important step before you plan to make the move to the new CS-Cart hosting provider. Take backup of all your data, files, folders and database.

Config.php File – Below are some important settings that should be made in config.php file so that it works with the new server paths.

db_host – This should be set to localhost:

$db_host = ‘localhost’;

db_name – Here you need to mention your CS-Cart shop database name:

db_name = ‘user_cs’;

db_user – Here you need to mention the username with privileges to access the CS-Cart shop database:

db_user = ‘user_cs’;

db_password – Password for accessing the shop database:

db_password = ‘cspassword’;

cscart_http_host – Here you need to mention your domain name, e.g.

cscart_http_host = ‘’;

cscart_http_dir – Enter the directroy path where CS-Cart is installed

cscart_http_dir = ‘/csshop’;

This is how you can move the CS-Cart shop. If you need any help contact us through email or live chat.

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