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How to Preview your Website in Plesk?

Approx. read time : 2 min

It is possible to see the appearance of your website before enlisting its information in the Domain Name System. Plesk provides a simple preview of your website in a browser after you upload the site’s files.

To Preview a Website in Plesk:

1. Select the Websites & Domains option.

2. Click the Preview option below the domain’s information of the website that you want to preview.

Plesk will open your website in a new browser window.

Note: Since it only shows you the appearance, you cannot view or access the contents of password-protected directories in the Preview mode.

With the Preview mode, you can show your website to a person without granting access to your customer account; Even when you are yet to register your domain name.

Prasad Khartadkar
Prasad is a business grad specialized in Marketing. He has garnered experience as a technical content writer and a digital marketer that he brings out in his work. He likes reading classics and travel in his free time.