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Removing the Passphrase from an Apache SSL Key

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The passphrase is a sequence of words or other texts that are used to control the access of a computer system, program or data. It is used similarly like a password but they are longer as per the security perspective. So, by considering security in mind, most of the webmasters usually use a passphrase for an Apache SSL key. But remember that every time you start Apache, you need to enter the key manually.

So, many people just want to get rid of this task and wish to remove the passphrase from the Apache SSL key. If you too want to do so, then follow the procedure as shown below :

First of all, for every activity that you perform over the server, make sure you back it up using the command –

now, proceed further, by un-encrypting the key first, that you have opened. Make sure you know the passphrase before initiating the process.

Then run the command :

Now copy the new.key file and restart Apache. Following these steps correctly will help you and would not again ask to enter the passphrase.

In case you face any problem reach out to our support team, that is available 24/7 for you.

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