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SoftException in Application.cpp

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When accessing website, you receive Internal Server Error in the web browser. When monitoring error logs on server, you will see logs as below.

SoftException in Application.cpp:357: UID of script “/home/user/public_html/index.php” is smaller than min_uid
Premature end of script headers: index.php

This is because of incorrect ownership on files/directories under public_html. You will have to update the ownership of files. Login to your server via SSH. The command will updated ownership on files/directories recursively under /home/user/public_html.

# cd /home/user/public_html
# chown user.user index.php

You can update the ownership yourself by accessing the server. We provide jailed shell access with our cPanel shared hosting plan. Please ask our support technicians to enable it on your account. If you own a VPS hosting OR Dedicated server, you will be able to update the ownership as root.


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