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What is Domain Name and How does it work?

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A domain name is an unique address or set of words/names that can be used on internet. The characters you see in web browser after “www.” and what it comes after the @sign in an email address is your domain name.

Domain Name consists of 2 parts i.e top level domain (tld) and second level domain. For example, in “” the “.com” is known as top level domain. It can be country specific(,,, etc)  and can be targeted as per geographic location. The second level domain is your actual name i.e “.milesweb” in this case. Your second level name can be upto 60 characters long and can be used with any country specificerg8ol;/’ tld’s.

How does it works ?
Every computer/server connected to internet has an unique IP address (IP=internet protocol) consisting of unit set of numbers for example If you wish to connect to any computer through internet, you must know its IP address. These IP addresses are not easy to remember and this is the reason why domain names are used instead. Domain name you enter in the browser resolves from the IP address of your server which is connected to internet or hosted in a Datacenter. Domain name system (DNS) translates the domain name entered in browser automatically into the correct IP address.

Tips for registering/selecting your Domain Name
– Use your Industry/sector in your domain name.
– Select Appropriate TLD for your domain name.
– Make it easy to say & remember for your visitors.
– Keep the domain name short.

What is Whois ID protect for domain names?
When you register any TLD with registrar, you need to provide detailed information such as name, email address, phone number etc. and same is recorded in the database which is available online. Whois ID protect is a service where personal information about domain owner can be kept private. This feature is available with most of the TLD’s. We at Milesweb offer whois ID protect services to customers who register domains with us.

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