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What is mean by Absolute Path?

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An absolute path is also referred to as a full path and file path that contains the root element and the complete list of directories to locate the specific file or folder.

Do you want to know how to manage your website data or execute your PHP script manually from your cPanel or via SSH?

Then you are at right place. This article explains where your website data is located and how it can be executed from your servers.

The Data directory (Document Root) of the primary (main) domain where the website files are present is :


You need to find out the Document Root from cPanel >> Domains >> Addon domains >> for an addon domain. For sub-domain Document Root can be found using cPanel >> Domains >> Sub-domains.

To execute PHP or Perl scripts via Shell, your absolute paths will be :

/usr/local/bin/php — this is for PHP scripts

For example : /usr/local/bin/php /home/milesweb/public_html/testscript.php


/usr/local/bin/perl — this is for CGI scripts

For example : /usr/local/bin/perl /home/milesweb/public_html/

These are some easy ways to manage your website data. For any further queries contact our support team at

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