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Will My Search Engine Ranking Get Affected If I Change My Web Host?

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The fact is that if you move your website from one web host to the other, it is not going to affect your search engine rankings; however, there are some important steps that you should take. The first important consideration to made is that when you change the DNS of your domain by pointing it from one server to the other, there is a propagation period before the changes are implemented. Take care not to get your old website down unless you are sure that the search engine is crawling and indexing your website on the new server.

Undertake the following steps:

  • Migrate your website to the new web host along with complete content
  • Change the DNS of the primary domain name so that it points to the new server
  • Monitor the logs of the new server to know about the visits of search engine bots
  • When you know that the search engine bots are crawling your website from the new server, you can get the old website down
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