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Node.js Cloud Hosting

Easiest way to launch your Node.js apps on cloud platform
  • Deploy Node.js apps within few clicks
  • Automatic scaling without downtime
  • Pay for usage not server size
  • MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, Percona and PostgreSQL support
  • Redis and Memcached support

MilesWeb provides support for all the main versions of Node.js including versions 6, 8 and 9. We keep a watch over the newly created Node.js versions in order to add them right after the official releases. Users can easily switch between various Node.js versions with just a click as a result of which the version update process is simplified and quick.

Users can upgrade to a newer version of Node.js when it is available. In case there is any problem in terms of working with the new version, you can always go back to the earlier one. With MilesWeb, you can link your Node.js app with dedicated database instances or with clusters like MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL, Redis or Memcached. This makes MilesWeb the perfect platform for hosting your MEAN applications and start production within just a few minutes!

Make Use Of The Tools You Love
Package And Process Managers

At MilesWeb, every Node.js server comprises of a pre-installed package and process manager. You can select between ‘npm’ or ‘yarn’ as the package manager and for the process manager, you can select from ‘npm’, ‘forever’, ‘supervisor’ or ‘pm2’. It is extremely easy to switch between the package and process managers even after the environment is created.

GIT Integration

All you have to do is just push the code and you are live! All the changes and updates will be automatically implemented for your application with the assistance of the deployment manager.

There is no need for you to perform any manual or command line task for running or creating your application. After fetching the source code, MilesWeb launches ‘npm install’ or ‘yarn install’ (whichever is set as a default package manager) for installing/updating all the packages that are defined in package.json.

Once the installation of all the required packages is successfully done, MilesWeb starts Node.js server: npm start, pm2 start, supervisor start or forever start.

Along with this, MilesWeb also performs a rolling update for horizontal scalability for delivering the latest version of the code to all the Node.js nodes.

SSH, SFTP And CLI Access

In addition to the all-inclusive and powerful dashboard offered by MilesWeb, you can make use of SSH for implementing advanced management operations or FTP and SFTP for deploying your apps. MilesWeb also provides a powerful CLI tool that enables you to manage the Node.js applications in the best way possible and the self-service UI can also be replaced if required.

High Availability And Automatic Scalability

MilesWeb’s Node.js hosting platform enables you to start fast and scale whenever required. You can easily add dedicated load balancers (NGINX or HAProxy) with just a click for horizontal scaling of your application on the basis of a number of requests. This enables you to manage all the traffic. Sticky sessions are offered by default; however, if you wish to use WebSockets or TCP load balancing, these options are available as well.

Users can make use of the integrated load balancer for terminating the https requests. MilesWeb also provides you many SSL options that include 1-click Let’s Encrypt setup and customized SSL.

Monitoring Capabilities

With the use of MilesWeb’s integrated monitoring feature, you can observe and study various consumption metrics of your Node applications. Moreover, MilesWeb’s monitoring system can send you notifications in case any of the Node.js instance becomes overloaded.

The advanced monitoring use cases are covered with add-ons like NewRelic that can be easily applied to your Node.js cloud servers with just a click.

Persistent Filesystem

Unlike the other PaaS solutions, MilesWeb enables you to work with a persistent filesystem. This means that there is no need for you to rewrite your application in order to adapt it to the cloud and the files that you have written can also be accessed after a reboot. In case some files have to be replicated across many containers, you can easily execute this task with the use of synchronization add-on.

Access To Underlying Hosting Infrastructure

Even though there are many cloud solution provider who offer scalable node hosting, there are many situations when your Node.js application requires an advanced tweak. MilesWeb provides you access to the underlying hosting infrastructure and can edit the server configuration in accordance with your specific needs. Additionally, MilesWeb supports standard Linux crontab as a result of which you do not have to perform any difficult job scheduling workarounds.

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