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.COM- World's no.1 Domain, at just
850 99/ 1st yr.

Minimum 2-years purchase required. 2nd year billed at 1100*

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1 Year
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2 Years
/1st yr

2nd Year at ₹1100

You pay1700₹1199

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3 Years
/1st yr

2nd & 3rd Year at ₹950

You pay2550₹1999

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Why choose .com domain?

Build your Brand

Most people find it easy to resemble a website with .com. It is a domain extension used globally that adds trust to your website and will work well in any market.

Boost SEO

Experts recommend buying a .com domain to maximize the direct traffic to a website. .com is the best TLD (Top-Level Domain) to stay at the top of search results.

Easy to Identify

A website address ending with .com is short and sounds more natural, which means people are more likely to remember it. It is also more familiar than other TLDs.

Beat the competition

With a .com domain, you can outgrow your rivals online. A .com domain name helps you gain an edge against business rivals with lesser-known domain extensions like .net, .co, .shop, etc.

Do You Know?
We provide a free domain with our web hosting plan that starts from
40 /mo
*Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions:
  • ₹99 offer is valid for .com domains only.
  • Offer is applicable only with the domain registration for 2 or 3 years.
  • The offer price of ₹99 is not applicable for registering the .com domain for one year.
  • The renewal price will be as standard domain charges (₹850/Yr).
  • There will be no refund once the domain is registered.
  • You cannot register a domain name similar to a trademarked domain or a domain same as or like a brand engaged in a business providing similar goods or services. Any person trying to register such a domain name will be held liable for infringement of Trademark.
  • MilesWeb will send you reminders to renew your domain one month before the expiry. MilesWeb is not responsible for failure or delay in the renewal of a domain. There will be no refunds once the domain is renewed.
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