Get Effortless 360° Monitoring For Your Websites & Servers

Exceed your 360° monitoring needs with our intuitive dashboards, hassle-free setup, and tools.

Experience Unmatched Perfromance with 360° Monitoring

MilesWeb's comprehensive monitoring, both internal and external, empowers you to track and address issues instantly.

Server Surveillance With PinPoint Accuracy | MilesWeb
Server Surveillance

Get refined CPU, network, memory, and disk usage monitoring with pinpoint accuracy. MilesWeb's 360° server monitoring helps you optimize resource allocation.

Blocklist Tracking To Protect Your Email Deliverability | MilesWeb
Blocklist Tracking

MilesWeb's blocklist monitoring automatically blocks malicious IP addresses, safeguards your website, and protects your email deliverability from spam and security threats.

API Log File Control with Simplified Log File Scanning | MilesWeb
API Log File Control

We simplify log file scanning, allowing you to extract performance data and identify areas for improvement. Further, you get valuable insights into your application performance. 

Extensive Customizable Plugin Library | MilesWeb
Customizable Plugins

Our open-source 360° server monitoring agent and extensive custom plugin library allow you to personalize your monitoring to your specific needs.

Website Auditing That Address All Potential Issues | MilesWeb
Website Auditing

MilesWeb's 360° website monitoring ensures your site is always up and running optimally. We regularly scan the site's performance data and address all potential issues.

Status Dashboards To Analyze Your Website's Performance | MilesWeb
Status Dashboards

We offer our users extreme convenience. With a single click, you can analyze your website's performance across 26 global locations for consistent speed.

Instant Alerts via Your Preferred App | MilesWeb
Instant Alerting

Our high-tech 360° monitoring technology helps you receive instant notifications via your preferred app when your website encounters downtime or performance issues.

Complete Site Monitoring with Detailed Notes on Functionalities | MilesWeb
Complete Site Monitoring

MilesWeb integrates a unique crawler that scans your entire website and portals for broken links, malfunctioning images, JavaScript errors, and more.

Best 360° Monitoring Plans: Total Surveillance
Lite Pro Business Enterprise
3 Years
3 Years
1 Year
$ 0 /mo
$ 6.99 /mo
$ 45.99 /mo
$ 125.99 /mo
Server monitors 1 1 10 100
Site monitors 5 20 200 2000
Time intervals 10 min 60 sec 60 sec 60 sec
Data retention 24h 30 days 30 days 30 days
Alerting Email Only Multi Channel Multi Channel Multi Channel
Custom Plugins
Additional servers & sites $1.19/mo per server$0.19/mo per site $1.19/mo per server$0.19/mo per site $1.19/mo per server$0.19/mo per site
Blocklist Monitoring
Concurrent crawls 1 3 5
High priority crawls manual
Recurring scheduled crawls
Crawl depth (URLs) 500 1000 1500

In-Depth Server Uptime Evaluations

With MilesWeb's 360° process monitoring (available for Windows and Linux), you can analyze CPU cores, network speed, disk usage, load times, and more – all at a glance. Get detailed notes on individual functionalities to pinpoint the exact source of errors and downtime, enabling swift resolution.

In-Depth Server Uptime Evaluations | MilesWeb
Holistic 360° Website Uptime Auditing | MilesWeb

Holistic 360° Website Uptime Auditing

Say goodbye to downtime. MilesWeb's 360° Site Monitoring offers comprehensive checks, encompassing DNS response times, SSL certificate validity, keyword ranking fluctuations, and more. In addition to that, we conduct scans across 26 locations worldwide for a global user experience.

360° Monitoring's Custom Plugin Capability

Get your hands on pre-built options and craft a monitoring experience tailored to your unique needs. Connect with popular database and server technologies, saving you time and simplifying your workflow. Moreover, the open-source nature helps you develop custom plugins to monitor precisely what matters most to your business.

360° Monitoring's Custom Plugin Capability | MilesWeb
Real-Time Alerts with 360 Monitoring’s | MilesWeb

Real-Time Alerts with 360 Monitoring’s Precision

MilesWeb's 360° Monitoring assures instant alerts via your preferred channel (email, SMS, etc.) as soon as an issue arises. You get real-time notifications about your website and server health, all thanks to our monitoring intervals as low as 60 seconds. We store your past performance by offering data retention for up to 30 days, stretching back up to 2 years.

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