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Why do you need a website for Small Business?


In this fast paced, technologically advanced world, everything these days is going online. Be it shopping online, bookings/reservations, classifieds, socializing or interacting with customers, everything is over the web. Considering this scenario, if you are an owner of a thriving small business without a business website, setting up one should be on top of your to-do list!

Many business owners do not believe in having a official business website and tend to rely more on the traditional face to face business model. As a business owner, if you do not use a computer or Internet for business or personal use, it doesn’t necessarily imply that even your customers don’t. One may also believe that a website will not benefit the business greatly and it’s cost will only add up to the business expenses. But contrary to the general perception about setting up a website being an expensive proposition, setting up a website is easy, instant and very light on your pocket as well. You can check out MilesWeb hosting plans.

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These are just few of the many reasons why your business needs a professional website, no matter its size or type:-

1. Availability and Accessibility :- With the traditional form of business, trade & transactions or interaction with customers gets limited due to restrictive business hours. With a website, your virtual business is open 24/7 for your customers to check your products, compare them and even place the orders online whenever they want, that too within the comfort of their home or office. The key to making the most out of a business is to let it be as accessible & flexible as possible for customers, besides also being available for customers to interact and render assistance as and when required.

A professional looking website with all the relevant information helps you do just that. Considering the busy routines and tight schedules which many follow, 24×7 accessibility and availability is a great selling point which makes purchase decision easier for customers in your favour.

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2. Customer Familiarity :- With more and more people using the Internet to search or read information about the products or services they need, it is imperative to make inroads over the web by establishing your online business presence. Businesses with websites are believed to be more legitimate and trustworthy in the eyes of the customers. With complete product catalog and information coupled with photos, testimonials from satisfied customers, contact information and business address, you’re

clearly not a fly-by-night operation in the eyes of your prospective customers.

3. Greater Exposure :- Setting up a website opens up your business and your client base across all geographies. You can cater to a global audience with your products, if you are running an e-store or intend to setup one. Going online is also a great way to supplement your traditional business model as then the business no longer remains restricted to only your local area. A website with entire product catalog gives the chance to people from across the world to browse your products or services, order online, interact with you and even leave feedback or testimonials after turning into customers.

4. No Restrictions on information :- Unlike any form of print media advertising, TV/radio advertisements or online advertising, there are no space or time restrictions on a website which means you can share as much of information as you like. Say as much as you want without being worried about any restrictions or cost implications.

5. 24/7 Customer Service :- A well-designed, informative and user friendly website can go a long way in ensuring exceptional customer service. Customers can fetch all information by themselves instantly without having to wait for someone to answer. Setting up FAQs page, adding informative articles in knowledge-base and sharing newsletters can help answer all your customers’ queries and keep them up-to-date, besides also save considerable amount of their time as well as that of your staff.

6. Customer Feedback :- Getting genuine feedback from customers often becomes a difficult thing to achieve and more often than not, the ones who willingly leave feedback on your business would mostly be the negative. A website helps you encourage feedback from your customers in the form of surveys, questionnaires and feedback forms and lets you learn about the exact customer expectations.

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