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How To Increase Organic Traffic For Your Newly Launched Website?

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The main aim of every business is to get found when potential customers look for products and services related to their industry or niche. This can be done with the help of massive organic and paid traffic. Now, first time readers will ask us how to increase website traffic? The answer is through paid and organic marketing.

Organic traffic comprises of the people who come to your website apart from the paid search sources. Organically they search for the products/services that you offer and get to your website. This is the original and genuine traffic that every website owner would love to have. Apart from paid online advertising, there are many search engine optimization tips that you can implement for getting organic traffic to your website.

Here are 10 great tips for getting organic traffic for your newly launched website:

#1 Optimize Your Website More For Your Readers Than Search Engines

Think from the buyer’s point of view and try to understand what you would look for if you were the buyer.

If you don’t know how to increase the website traffic analyze your buyer persona as you are addressing your content to your buyers. Your website’s search engine rakings will automatically increase if there are more people coming to your website. Through your content you must address the issues that your potential customers might be facing and work on the keywords that they use for searching websites similar to yours. Please your potential customers, readers and buyers and you will surely secure a good place in the search engine rankings.

#2 Work On Long Tail Keywords

Don’t just go with the most frequently used keywords related to your industry. Find out keywords that are more specific to the products and services you offer. When you start working on the long tail keywords, Google and other search engines will start recognizing your website for those keywords. This in turn will provide a boost to your content in the search engine rankings and your potential customers will be able to find you easily through organic searches.

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#3 Importance Of On-Page Optimization

You will get the best results from your off-page optimization strategies only if the on-page optimization of your website is done perfectly. Every page of your website has a distinct topic and it must be optimized accordingly. Make sure to optimize the meta tags of your website pages like meta title, meta keywords, meta descriptions, headings, content and internal linking. Good on-page optimization helps in ranking your website better in the search engine results. You also need to check the URLs of all your website pages; they should have the main keyword of your website page. When you set the meta data for every page, you basically tell Google and other search engines what you are talking about. If you are working with WordPress, you can make use of plugins like Yoast SEO for adding the page titles and descriptions.

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#4 Create And Post Quality Content Consistently

There shouldn’t be a big time lapse in publishing content. Research on the topics that will be most suitable for your potential customers and create useful content on those topics. Make sure that you are creating and posting content on a consistent basis. While doing this, it is also crucial to make sure that there is no compromise with the quality of your content. You can publish articles and blog posts on other related websites. The more content you create and publish, the more opportunities you create for getting organic traffic to your website.

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#5 Internal Linking

Once you are done working on all your website pages, it is important to interlink them. Smart and effective interlinking of pages ensures that people stay on your website for a longer span of time and the bounce rate of your website is also greatly reduced. You can link the web pages among each other or you can link the blog posts wherever they fit. Think if someone is on some part of your website where that person would would like to go next and interlink pages and posts accordingly. If visitors spend a longer time on your website, it will help in boosting your search engine rankings and getting more organic traffic. While doing this, be careful not to overuse the links, make sure that the internal links are just a few right ones.

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#6 Encourage Incoming Links

Google gives preference to a website if it has a lot of incoming links from other authoritative websites. For this, you must encourage your friends, family members, clients, partners, suppliers, fellow bloggers and industry influencers for linking to your website. A large number of incoming links will help your website in securing a good search engine ranking because your website becomes more authoritative and trustworthy with incoming links.

#7 Link Your Content On Social Media

Create informative profiles of your company on all the prominent social media websites. Having social media profiles helps in getting your website address out there on the net. Share your content links, your web pages or your new blog posts on social media websites. If people see your updates on social media and get engaged with your content, this is a strong indication to Google that you content is useful, interesting and provides value to people. Likewise you can share other updates like images and videos with the relevant hash tags for getting more visitors to your website through the social media websites.

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#8 Use Google Analytics

Google analytics is a very powerful platform for knowing the current position of your website and for implementing business growth. Through Google Analytics, you can easily track the visitors coming to your website and blog and the sources of your website traffic.

You can also check the keywords that people are using to get to your website and you can optimize your content accordingly. With the help of analytics tool, you can find measures on how to increase traffic in website through different channels. 

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#9 Write Headlines That Are Irresistible

Your potential customers get to your website by reading the headings of your content. Therefore, the headings you use should be interesting and appealing. You must make note of the fact that with the absence of an irresistible and a compelling headline; even the most informative and interesting blog post can go unnoticed. Brainstorm on the headlines when you are done creating content. Create many headlines for your content before you select the best one.

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#10 Start Guest Blogging

To speak the truth, guest blogging isn’t dead. It is still one of the most effective ways of publishing content on other authoritative blogs and getting good backlinks. If you are able to publish a guest post on a reputed website, the website will be passed on to your website and your business brand will be established. However, when you opt for guest blogging, make sure that you don’t add too many links and the content shouldn’t look spammy.


There are many things to be taken care of when you launch a new website. You don’t have to do everything at once! Go step by step and inculcate the habit of website analysis and posting content on a consistent basis. Slowly and steadily you will figure out everything and consistent efforts will help you get a prominent spot in the search engine rankings and thereby boost the organic traffic coming to your website.

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