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40+ Quick and Legit Ways to Make Money Online in 2024

Ways to Make Money Online

Extra income opportunities is a thing that no one wants to miss. But with a full-time job making money online is a challenging task. After reading this blog, you will know how to make money online and generate a good passive income stream. 

As most things are digital nowadays, why don’t you prefer this medium to make money online? There are different ways to earn recurring revenue through online streams. According to reports, 36% of all businesses are now making their sales online. No worries, we will be sharing legit ways that could even make you a millionaire. Let’s get started to explore these easy ways to make money online. 

Why earning money online so popular?

With the help of internet connection, and device resources (PCs or laptops) you can start making money online. You can also connect with clients online. Different forums, social media platforms, and having a website can build an earning opportunity without massive investment. As the website’s popularity is at its peak after the COVID-19 pandemic, online earning opportunities. 

According to the survey, 60% of people who are doing 9 to 5 jobs are seeking passive income opportunities. Because of inflation, an extra income stream is necessary. So, why not use your skill set to create a side hustle income stream? It will help you create a good warning opportunity. 

The Ease of Making Money Online in Today’s Digital Age

In Particular, there is no entry barrier to making money. People of any age who have relevant skills can start a passive income stream. As most people have an internet connection and computers/smartphones, the number of potential passive income earners is increasing. According to reports, there are 7.33 billion smartphones and 3.03 Billion users worldwide. By referring to these statistics, you can see how many users are there in the world that can tap the potential of passive income. 

You don’t need to invest huge capital in human resources or office spaces to start making money online. In fact, with just minimal resources and from home, you can find out the best ways to make money online

No matter whether you are a working professional or a student, start implementing ideas to make money online. Start brainstorming and find out innovative ways to make money online.

Instead of setting up a physical business setup, enjoy the digital convenience of earning money online without a massive investment.

How Long Does It Take To Earn Money Online?

We would like to share legitimate ways that will help you earn money online. However, it has been found that many people get trapped in Ponzi schemes to get ultra-rich quickly. Remember, no one can make money online overnight. It is a process where skillset, patience, and network are required. 

Most people get trapped in fake online earning money schemes. It’s all because of  lack of awareness and impatience. There are the best online business ideas that will help you make money online at zero risk. But to follow them, you need patience and a bit of hard work. 

If you have a good referring potential, we would like to invite you to sign up for an affiliate program. Get best-in-class commissions up to ₹5,000/- signup. All you need to do is refer web hosting plans to potential clients. 

Online Money-Making Strategies: Short and Long Term

There are two ways to start online earning. Short-term and long-term are those ways. Further in this blog, you will understand different ways to make online money that could be added to your contingency fund. 

Let’s explore quick and long-term strategies where you can earn money online hassle-free. 

Make Money Online: Quick Strategies

1] Data Entry

Data Entry
  • Income Scope: $2 -$3 per hour
  • Setup: Instantly on phone/PC
  • How easy to start: Typing expertise required
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly or weekly

One computer, and an internet connection. Only these things are required to give data entry services. Only typing and adding entries into sheets given by clients, that’s it! No extra effort and this can be done along with your full-time job. Many job portals have data entry openings offering good compensation. 

On a short-term basis, you can make money online through this medium and generate a good passive income. In India, many data entry operators are earning $2 -$3 per hour. Clients will not charge fees to sign up. Hence, you can make money online for free of cost in this medium. 

2] Resell Items

Resell Items
  • Income Scope: 20% to 50% profit on original products
  • Setup: 1 week to 1 month (as per vendor’s availability)
  • How easy to start: Website and inventory management
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly

Reselling is not only limited to web hosting services, it could be any item or a package. Create a website, build a product catalog, and start doing private-label business online. Outsource a vendor to get raw materials, get your private label on them, and resell after calculating a profit margin. 

One popular sector is the clothing market. Outsourcing garments from the manufacturer and reselling them has a good profit margin. Many established brands are following this approach and you can do it to make money online as a beginner. 

3] Online Surveys

Online Surveys
  • Income Scope: Upto $5 per survey
  • Setup: Instantly
  • How easy to start: 1 day 
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Project basis

Data is the new oxygen to sustain in this digital world. Therefore, research companies fetch data through surveys and market polls. Before testing new products, gathering data is essential. As a student or a part-time job seeker, help companies by filling out online surveys. 

Swagbucks and Survey Junkie are major examples to fill out surveys and make money online fast. In Swagbucks, you get rewards and a signup bonus.  

4] Stock Trading

Stock Trading
  • Income Scope: As per market returns
  • Setup: Instantly
  • How easy to start: 1 day
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Everyday

Although stock trading is subject to market risk, it is one of the most popular & best ways to make money online. Don’t pay for brokerages and start intraday trading, futures and options, and commodities. For this, a DEMAT (Dematerialized Account) is required. Besides, KYC is also required. 

Many stock brokers and independent traders use this best way to earn online money from home. Buy stocks at lower prices and sell them when they go high. Every day or monthly you can earn money from online trading platforms. Different banks provide DEMAT accounts

5] Dropshipping

  • Income Scope: Depends on the ticket size of orders
  • Setup: Minimum 1 week
  • How easy to start: 1 week
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Everyday

Fulfilling vacant orders of customers that companies cannot meet is an online earning opportunity. This is where you can earn money online by starting a dropshipping website. When sellers look to fulfill orders for their inventory management, sometimes their suppliers or wholesalers are unable to meet order requirements. 

To put it simply, you will be a middle man and commissions will be set regularly. And no need to invest in a warehouse setup, its operation can be managed by a small number of employees or a single business owner.

6] Selling Course Notes

Selling Course Notes
  • Income Scope: Upto $10 per note download
  • Setup: 1 day
  • How easy to start: 1 week
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Every day or Monthly 

What if we say that your knowledge could bring a good earning potential? It’s true by selling online course notes. Generate extra cash by uploading course notes on academic websites. You will be paid for every download. Either WhatsApp groups, Telegram groups, or sites like Nexus Notes are some platforms to make money online. 

Both handwritten and digital notes will allow you to make money online fast. One best way to connect with learners is also on social media. Create a Facebook or Instagram page for smoother communication. 

7] Sell Second-Hand Textbooks

Sell Second-Hand Textbooks
  • Income Scope: Books per Sold
  • Setup: 1 Day
  • How easy to start: Instantly
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Every day or Monthly 

This way of making money online has been used since the old days. Only the difference was, in that era, websites were not available. As a book’s shelf life is many years, market it online on different marketplaces. Amazon is the best way to make online money through selling books. 

For your online business promotion, do it on a school campus or run a Google Ad. Figure out which books are in demand among students. Place it on your second-hand book website with a registered .com domain

8] Buy and Sell Domain Names

Buy and Sell Domain Names
  • Income Scope: Upto $20 per domain
  • Setup: 1 Day
  • How easy to start: Instantly
  • How fast you’ll get paid: At times of customer’s registration.

Several businesses hunt for domain registration services. After all, they want to build an online presence for their venture. But a domain name is complete without extensions (.com, .biz, .eu, etc)

So, find available domains on MilesWeb’s domain registration services and resell them to potential website owners at a good commercial value. Sites like give freedom to sell domains. You can get plenty of customers on that site. For registering a domain with MilesWeb, the initial investment could be from $12.05/ year. 

9] Selling Your Old Games and Movies

Selling Your Old Games and Movies
  • Income Scope: Depends on the original game’s cost
  • Setup: 1 Month 
  • How easy to start: Instantly
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Depends on the order duration 

Another quick way to make money online is by selling video games. Earlier, there were DVDs, and Blu-ray games available for gamers on online platforms. Now, it’s per download charge from the marketplaces. 

Sell used games of any genre. It could bring a massive amount of profit. According to reports, game owners could earn up to $30 to $50 per game. You could sell games on WordPress websites built on gaming WordPress themes. Or else, try online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and MusicMagpie

Digital streaming of games reduces the inventory cost as all of them will be accessible on a digital library. 

10] Selling Short Stories

Selling Short Stories
  • Income Scope: $5 to $10 per story
  • Setup: 1 week
  • How easy to start: Instantly
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Daily 

Who doesn’t love tales and inspirational stories? Most of us watch daily soaps to get entertainment. But in this fast-paced digital world, people have less time availability. Hence, create short reels or entertaining videos and monetize them. 

This way of earning online money has increased after the pandemic. During the COVID-19 crisis, many video creators have made this online money-making site as a passive income stream. If you become a popular star, many brands will collaborate to promote their brand on your videos. 

11] Online Brokerage

Online Brokerage
  • Income Scope: Upto $200 per brokerage
  • Setup: Upto 1 month
  • How easy to start: 1 Day
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Brokerage-wise

Online brokerage is the next easy way to make money online. It can be done through the property listing form. Either create a website on WordPress using real estate WordPress themes and list properties there. Or else, there are different websites like Magicbricks and 99acres that allow brokers to list home owner’s properties. 

To generate a good online income, follow the trick that we are sharing. Always list property below market value (BMV). To make it happen, always list used properties on websites. In this manner, you can grab the attention of average income investors and get a good commission in favor of property selling. 

12] Selling eBook

Selling eBook
  • Income Scope: Upto $20 per book
  • Setup: Upto 1 month
  • How easy to start: 1 Day
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Daily or Hourly

If you have the right niche and content to promote among readers, eBooks selling is also a easy way to earn money online. This way of making money online is beneficial for both students and professionals. There are different AI tools and eBook builders to create eBooks instantly. 

List eBooks on online marketplaces, Kindle, or dedicated websites having eBooks. These platforms will charge one nominal fee for using their space. Users will pay per download and it will generate a recurring revenue stream to earn online money.

13] Become an Influencer

Become an Influencer
  • Income Scope: Upto $100 per post
  • Setup: Instantly
  • How easy to start: 1 Day
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Per project

Persuade potential buyers by promoting their relevant brands. This way of online earning money is called influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a $21.1 billion industry, and 93% of marketers have used it. Almost 95% of influencers use social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Pick any genre about which you have its product idea. It could be any among fashion, food, travel, fitness, or others. 

Always choose your favorite niche and start its marketing. Not just on social media but even blogging is a good way of influencer marketing. In this method, many influencers earn money online in millions. 

14] Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing
  • Income Scope: Upto $25 per referral
  • Setup: Instantly
  • How easy to start: 1 Day
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly

This is the best way to earn money online without investment. If you have the marketing and referral potential, tap it by making money online in affiliate marketing. It’s not just joining web hosting affiliate programs, but online marketplaces like Amazon also provide a lucrative affiliate program. 

Reliable affiliate programs have free registration costs. Hence, make money online without a hefty investment in resources. Blogs, Google ads, and videos are some of the affiliate marketing mediums to prefer.

15] Content Writing

Content Writing
  • Income Scope: Upto $10-20 per writing
  • Setup: Instantly
  • How easy to start: 1 Day
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Daily or Monthly

Writing is not just about passion but also a way to make money online. Many content writers earn a significant amount of money through writing. You might have questions like how I earn money by online writing. The answer is many companies hunt for webpage writers, bloggers, copywriters, and other projects. 

You can cater to their writing requirements and famous bloggers like Harsh Agarwal (A solopreneur & award winning blogger) have made a living through writing itself. 

16] Online Proofreading

Online Proofreading
  • Income Scope: Upto $10-20 per project
  • Setup: Instantly
  • How easy to start: 1 Day
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Daily or Monthly

Don’t waste your strong communication skills. Invest those efforts in proofreading jobs to make money online. Websites like Fiverr and others give a platform for online proofreaders to sign up for projects. According to reports, an average freelance proofreader is earning $5,414.61/ per month in India.

Many corporate companies hire proofreaders to evaluate their documents. Earn money online by correcting grammar mistakes, content evaluation, and making documents linguistically sound good. 

17] Captcha Solver

Captcha Solver
  • Income Scope: Upto $1-5 per captcha
  • Setup: Instantly
  • How easy to start: 1 Day
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Daily or Monthly

One more good side hustle income opportunity is solving captcha. There are different types of captcha like text, images, and characters. Different captcha solving sites like 2CAPTCHA and CaptchaTypers give solvers to earn money online. 

It could be your side income along with the full-time opportunity. However, to get into this, you need to have fast typing and a reading speed.

18] Social Media Consultation

Social Media Consultation
  • Income Scope: Upto $50 per consultation
  • Setup: Instantly
  • How easy to start: 1 Day
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Daily or Monthly

Another great way to make money online is through social media consultation. Companies who are unable to find the latest social media trends, always search for a reliable consultation service. Assist clients in their publishing timing, type of content, ways to reach the audience, and many more. 

In India itself, there are many registered companies doing it. You can join them as a freelancer or start independent consultation services. 

19] Customer Service

Customer Service
  • Income Scope: Upto $20 per hour
  • Setup: 1 week
  • How easy to start: 1 month
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly

Several companies want customer service representatives. This is the department that works 24×7 because foreign clients are also involved. So, if you have impeccable communication skills and the ability to handle grievances, start making money online in this method.

There are plenty of full-time and part-time customer service representative jobs available. You will get good compensation from Indian and Foreign clients both. In this, there is no massive investment required. Having a laptop and an internet connection will also work.

20] Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
  • Income Scope: Upto $100-$200 per project
  • Setup: 1 week
  • How easy to start: 1 week
  • How fast you’ll get paid: After project completion

The digital marketing industry is at its peak after the COVID-19 crisis. Therefore, many solopreneurs stepped into this online business to make money online. Many digital marketing agencies hire full-time digital marketing executives to optimize their SEO measures, create leads, and generate website traffic for their clients. 

You could start your digital marketing business and increase your brand’s visibility for clients by providing SEO services, lead generation, and social media marketing. Always follow the latest trend that other competitors are following to stay in the game. 

Make Money Online with These Long-Term Strategies 

21] Offering Advertising Space

Offering Advertising Space
  • Income Scope: $50-$1,000 per month
  • Setup: 1 Month
  • How easy to start: 1 week
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly

With the growing online marketing, digital advertising demand has also increased. Approach brands and give them sufficient advertising space for their exposure. However, before setting up this online business, you need to have a good number of followers. For this, we recommend building an optimized website on WordPress or PHP. If it is created on PHP, choose PHP hosting services to give it an online presence. 

Then, do SEO optimization measures by using tools or plugins. In this manner, your website will earn credibility and brands will approach you to feature them. They are ready to offer good compensation and Google AdSense knowledge is a must before using this method. 

22] Travel Agent

Travel Agent
  • Income Scope: $500-$10,000 per month
  • Setup: 1 Month
  • How easy to start: 1 week
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly

The tourism industry will never die. But who loves to stay in a long ticket booking queue? Become a travel agent to make money online. In this method of making money online, you can either plan someone’s travel or book tickets for tourists. Initially, started running this business for domestic tour packages. Get customers online by building traveling websites. Travel websites with higher user interfaces attract many users. 

You can even take orders on the mobile app. One major thing that might create an obstacle is human resources. After all, managing a travel business single handed will be a challenging task. Hence, an initial investment in technical resources is required but the ROI is higher. 

23] Opt for Online Tutoring

Opt for Online Tutoring
  • Income Scope: $50-$100 per hour
  • Setup: 1 Week
  • How easy to start: 1 week
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly

Sharing is caring! This principle applies while spreading education. Then why not prefer the online tutoring method to educate learners? It could be any subject English, Math, History, Science, or others. According to reports, the online tutoring market stood at $7.69 Billion in 2022 and it is growing at the pace of 14.67% CAGR between 2022-2027. 

Platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and Great Learning are robust eLearning platforms to sell courses and make money online. 

24] Become a Transcriptionist

Become a Transcriptionist
  • Income Scope: $20-$50 per hour
  • Setup: 1 Week
  • How easy to start: 1 week
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly

Transcription of video is another best method to make money online. To earn online money in this method, you need to have strong grammar and writing skills. Freelancing and full-time opportunities are available in this online earning opportunity. If you have foreign language knowledge, you can transcribe foreign videos and earn in dollars. 

25] Print On Demand (POD)

Print On Demand (POD)
  • Income Scope: $100-$1000 per month
  • Setup: 1 Week
  • How easy to start: 1 week
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly

The best way to make money online through printing is Print on Demand (POD). Several businesses adopt this model to earn online money rather than investing too much of capital in conventional business. This online business is similar to dropshipping as there is no inventory cost involved. But the slight difference is in creating custom products to enhance the brand’s recognition. Second, clients order custom printing services on t-shirts, mugs, and tote bags. 

For promoting POD online business, make use of social media handles or create a WooCommerce website with WooCommerce hosting

26] Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development
  • Income Scope: $20-$100 per app
  • Setup: 1 Week
  • How easy to start: 1 week
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Per download

Mobile development is an amazing earning money online opportunity for tech savvy users having coding expertise. Create apps for gaming, entertainment, fitness, or any popular niche. You can make money online on a per-download basis. Once the app is developed, list it on either Play Store or App Store.  

Then monetize apps in a freemium, or monthly subscription model. Besides this, crowdfunding is also a way to earn online money through mobile app development. Still, if you don’t have expertise, outsource app development companies and resell it. 

27] Online Translation Services

Online Translation Services
  • Income Scope: $20-$100 per hour
  • Setup: 1 Week
  • How easy to start: 1 week
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Daily or Monthly

Any online business that wants to expand in foreign demographics, must meet linguistic demands. Therefore, make money online with online content translation services. In India, there is a less competitive market so you can capitalize on this earning potential. To set up this online business, there is a requirement for translation software and a bit of human resources.

As an individual, you can handle limited clients by translating texts or audio files. To get more credibility in this business, earn a professional transaction degree and put it on a website. 

Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and Gengo are some of the popular websites to opt for online translation jobs and start earning money online. 

28] Website Testing

Website Testing
  • Income Scope: $10-$50 per hour
  • Setup: 1 Week
  • How easy to start: 1 week
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Daily or Monthly

Don’t kill your passion for website testing. Test business websites and make money online faster than any medium. Either you can test bugs or areas of improvement on portals. One more alternative is to submit feedback through surveys and forms. After getting this feedback, clients will work on those improvement suggestions. 

Share ideas with entrepreneurs through videos or written tutorials. There are many software reviewers who list their reviews and earn money online. This way of making money online does not involve higher investment and human resources. 

29] Podcast

  • Income Scope: Upto $50-$100 per episode
  • Setup: 1 Week
  • How easy to start: 1 week
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Daily or Monthly

This is one of the best ways to make money online if you love public speaking. Record informative podcasts that your target audience will relate to. Share some valuable content on sports, economics, or any that is popular. It is a viable way of making money online where you can attract advertisers or sponsorship on podcasts. 

Nowadays, many influencers host discussion podcasts with experts or government officials. On YouTube channels, you can find plenty of them. Or publish podcasts on Spotify where there are millions of audio listeners. You can even host Podcasts. According to reports, there will be 500 million active listeners by 2024. Hence, tap the market potential to make money online.

30] Cloud Kitchen

Cloud Kitchen
  • Income Scope: Upto $1,000-$50,000 per month
  • Setup: 1 Month
  • How easy to start: 1 month
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Per order

Cloud kitchens are the next way to make money online. Food delivery platforms like Zomato and Swiggy are about to introduce cloud kitchens in upcoming years. Reports show its market size will reach around $71.4 Billion by 2027. As the gig economy increases, you can be part of it and earn online money. Setting up a cloud kitchen will be expensive. According to reports it costs up to $6,000 to set up a cloud kitchen in a 45 sq ft area. Later, the delivery boy costs will be involved which can go up to $300 per month per person. 

Through the website you can take orders and a delivery boy will deliver orders. For this, higher UI/UX elements are required for smoother website navigation and easy orders. You might think that the investment cost is higher but earning money online potential is higher too. So, think over it as it is the future of our HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant and Café) industry. 

31] Selling Photographs

  • Income Scope: Upto $1000-$5000 per month
  • Setup: 1 Week
  • How easy to start: Instantly
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Per download

Photography and filmmaking are parts of the creative profession. But its demand is higher among several industries. Envato Elements or Getty Images are platforms where photographers make money online. On these platforms, photos are available to download at a nominal cost. If you like to capture snaps? It’s time to sell and earn online money in a legitimate way. 

You are also showcasing your creativity in front of the world. Online platforms will charge a nominal commission in return. But we recommend reading payment policies and then registering as a contributor. 

32] Virtual Assistantship

  • Income Scope: Upto $100-$500 per hour
  • Setup: 1 Week
  • How easy to start: Instantly
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Per download

What if we say from our comfort zone at home you can assist clients by offering administrative services? It’s true by doing virtual assistance. As a virtual assistant, you can make money online by scheduling phone calls, arranging travel plans, and email accounts management. 

To earn online money in this business method, oral communication, computer typing, and language skills are required. Before choosing this method, determine the online business structure. Determining the same will allow you to find the right target customer.

33] Business Consultation

  • Income Scope: Upto $5000-$10,000 per month
  • Setup: 1 Week
  • How easy to start: Instantly
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly

Businesses always require a professional consultant who could drive their venture’s growth to new heights. Making money online in this business has always become a profitable deal. To start in a proper manner, always build a strong profile so that more business clients will approach. 

Conduct online sessions with VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training) programs, PPT slides, and webinars. Clients will check your credentials and past experience. You can just consider the right industry or functional experience. 

34] Invest in Mutual Funds

  • Income Scope: Depends on Market Returns
  • Setup: 1 Week
  • How easy to start: Instantly
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly

In this blog, we have mentioned stock trading. However, many investors expect a risk free return for long-term investments. For them, mutual funds are the best option to invest in. Several Indian banks offer mutual funds which give around 10%-15% CAGR on the principal invested amount. 

This way to make money online is less risky and you don’t have to analyze stocks. There are dedicated fund managers who create a fund pool and invest your amount in different funds for a diversified portfolio. 

35] Forex Trading

  • Income Scope: $2000- $10,000 per month
  • Setup: 1 Month
  • How easy to start: 1 Month
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly

By buying and selling foreign currencies you can make money online that too from the comfort zone. But starting this online forex trading business, it is essential to have proper trading knowledge. 

Also, to make online money with this method, get ready to experience some setbacks. The best tip to enter the forex trading market is when currencies’ low cost is there. Hence, to learn its basics, start with creating a practice Demat Account. Remember, if you are doing it as an agency in India, get a SEBI registration certificate. 

36] Custom Jewellery

  • Income Scope: $2000- $5,000 per month
  • Setup: 1 Month
  • How easy to start: 1 Month
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly

Gen Z loves custom jewelry! Why not tap this market to make money online? Many youngsters prefer buying custom jewelry rather than visiting showrooms. To enter in this online business, build a website, have an inventory, or outsource jewelers to pile up inventory.  

With the help of a website, you can receive ideas and designs pitched by customers. Use their data to create custom designs and an impeccable masterpiece. As far as logistics are concerned, start with the local delivery model and then expand. For domestic and international orders, you can take the help of courier services. 

37] Sell NFTs

  • Income Scope: $20,000- $50,000 per month
  • Setup: 1 Month
  • How easy to start: 1 Month
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly

As the Blockchain demand is higher, the NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) trade has also increased. They are digital tokens stored in Blockchain to authenticate the ownership of digital assets. You can make money online in NFT trading. There are different forms of NFTs. It could be a picture, digital code, audio/video file, or any. 

Using cryptocurrencies, you can easily trade NFTs and make money online without a massive investment. There are online marketplaces like Binance, OpenSea, and others that give a platform to trade NFTs and earn online money.

38] Be a Part of Online Jury

  • Income Scope: $5- $10 per case
  • Setup: 1 Week
  • How easy to start: 1 Week
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Per case

In the US, there are 40 million lawsuits filed every year and a total of 1 million registered lawyers are there. Hence, you can help them and make money online by becoming a virtual juror. They need real people to practice cases and this is where your role occurs. 

eJury is an online platform where people earn money online by appearing in a virtual Jury. After hearing the case, you need to submit the verdict. The best part we would like to share is that no prior legal knowledge is required. All you have to do is help lawyers by submitting the feedback. 

39] Voice Overs

  • Income Scope: $50- $100 per recording
  • Setup: 1 Month
  • How easy to start: 1 Week
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Per project

Your melodious tone could be a better way to make money online. Do voice-over and get paid for ads, films, or IVR recordings. Work on your voice to earn a higher income. Also, there is less competition in India but reports show it will reach a market volume of $2.30bn by 2028.

Create different voice samples and showcase them on voice-over service websites. Record different variations so that clients will pick one according to their requirements. 

The initial investment is on a recording room, audio console, and a good microphone. Start by recording some sample scripts. 

40] Online Web Development Services

  • Income Scope: Upto $50,000 per year
  • Setup: 1 Month
  • How easy to start: 1 Week
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly or Per project

Having coding knowledge is a prerequisite in the IT industry. If you have this skill, make money online by sitting at home. Many domestic and international clients offer good compensation for freelance web developers. You can list your profile on PeoplePerHour, LinkedIn, or any other. 

Major tech giants like HP or companies like Airbnb require coders to work on a daily basis. Set customized rates and be part of their elite coders’ group.

Make Money Online with these Miscellaneous Strategies

These are some bonus strategies to make money online. This income stream also has high earning potential with fewer risks. 

41] Accounting Coach

  • Income Scope: Upto $2000 per month
  • Setup: 1 Month
  • How easy to start: 1 Week
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly or Per project

Financial terminologies are difficult to understand. Likewise, accounting is also a challenging concept to crack. Thus, helps those people who don’t have accounting knowledge in tax filing, accounting activities, and so on. You can help them in managing balance sheets and tracking lost accounts. 

Many accounting apps or agencies hire freelance account executives. Approach them to hone your skills and make money online. 

42] An Insurance Advisor

  • Income Scope: Upto $5,000 to $10,000 per month
  • Setup: 1 Month
  • How easy to start: 1 Week
  • How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly

Selling insurance policies with an IRDAI certification is a good way to make money online. There are well established companies like Policybazaar that sell insurance online. You could also tie up with insurance companies and start working as an online insurance agent. For this, we recommend undergoing a training process provided by IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority). Get the license and become an advisor. 

Factors to Consider Before You Make Money Online

Earning online money is completely legitimate and a good income medium. However, there are certain questions to ask yourself before you make money online.

Is There Potential to Scale?

Any income opportunity online is worth it only if it has the opportunity to scale. This is essential when you aim to build a million-dollar business. Hence, ask yourself whether you can scale in your chosen online earning opportunity. There are several businesses where you put in lots of investment and effort but find it difficult to scale later. Hence, play safe and smart by choosing platforms where you can make online and scale revenue. 

Is There Passive Income?

Passive income is a good revenue generation medium for regular earners. Many employees seek 9 to 5 passive income opportunities to make money online. Extra income while doing side hustles helps in creating a good amount of capital. For example, earn money while sleeping with affiliate marketing

Always look for ways to make money online through passive income streams. It is better not to leave a full-time job and do a side hustle online business to get extra cash.

Do I Get Consistent Income?

Don’t get dazzled by income potential figures! You must also consider earning consistency while making money online. One example is an insurance advisor. It’s not like a conventional job. There is no assurance of fixed insurance selling. So, pick the income stream where you can regularly make money online. Hence, passive income opportunities like copywriting and blogging will give a consistent income every month.

Does It Fill a Market Need?

Don’t invest your effort or capital in online businesses which don’t make any sense! This is the major reason many people fail to make money online. Your suggested online business must meet the market demand. Keep attention on building the client’s base, traffic, and other factors so that there will be maximum sales meeting market demands. Always remember that a business is successful which solves the market problem. 

Read This Before You Make Money Online

Finally, we would like to conclude that always research and follow legitimate ways to make money online. Look at your favorite niche, and arrange initial capital for investment and human resources if required. A proper strategy will help you earn online money risk-free. Moreover, it is essential to put extra effort along with your full-time job to engage in a side hustle.  Google algorithms are constantly updating themselves. Therefore, optimize your website and remove all spammy elements before getting it indexed on the search engine. For a secure and robust website development, we request to use MilesWeb’s website builder and use our web hosting services to create an impeccable website and make money online.

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