Company Culture Founders Our Team

Chinmay Dingore

Chinmay is skilled at handling every aspect of server operations and its management. He carries a wealth of experience in all facets of networking, server management, administration, and technical operations at the data center.

As a founder and technical director at MilesWeb, Chinmay works on addressing complex technical issues of customers and supervises MilesWeb's support team.

He has over 15 years of experience in hosting technologies and worked on various high-profile projects. His ability revolves around critical thinking and analytics that has made him a genius at problem-solving. With Chinmay's expertise, MilesWeb has procured the best server technologies for hosting.

Deepak Kori

Gifted with a brilliant mind, and an insatiable thrust for achieving excellence, Deepak is a dynamic and all-rounder professional involved in driving the company's business goals with his innovative marketing strategies.

Deepak first kick-started his career in the web hosting industry in 2005. Over the years, he has thoroughly explored web hosting and its functioning in all the directions. He has garnered tremendous experience throughout these years, his perseverance and will-to-win attitude have made him stand tall as today's young entrepreneur. He conceptualizes, develops, and implements results-driven marketing strategies deeply understands the continually changing trends in the web hosting industry, and leads the growth strategies for MilesWeb.

To achieve smarter, sustainable growth, he brings together the best business strategies, innovation, brand development, and customer insights. Deepak's immense contribution has helped the company make progress and reach new heights of success!

Chetan Mahale

Chetan formulates the growth strategies for sales. He works out the tactics and drafts the action plan for the team. Ever since he began his professional journey in 2006, Chetan has had the mind for innovation and pixel perfection associated with the IT industry. His vast experience in marketing and sales-related functions specializing in the Web Hosting industry and IT-enabled services has influenced MilesWeb's growth.

He has attended seminars, events, conferences, and workshops as a tech speaker to share his vast knowledge of technology. Chetan has immense contributions to the overall planning and growth strategy. Moreover, he manages sales training and business initiatives at MilesWeb. His ability to think out of the box as the company's tactician allows him to execute strategic plans to grow sales and expand customer base.

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