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How to Add a New Server in WHMCS?

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Watch this video for a step by step process on how to add a new server in WHMCS

You can add servers in WHMCS via the admin panel. It will help to add the new accounts and track in WHMCS.
Below are the steps to add a new server in WHMCS:

  • Login to the WHMCS as admin.
  • Go to setup, navigate to Products OR Services, and click on Servers.
  • From this dashboard, you can either add a new server or create groups.
  • If you are adding the server for the first time then you won’t see any groups or servers.
  • You can create groups to bunch multiple servers together for the identification of servers. For e.g. you can create a group of shared servers, VPS servers, reseller servers, etc. You can do this later once servers are added.
  • To add a new server click on Add New Server.
  • For the advanced features click on this
  • In the Name field, enter the name of your server.
  • In the Hostname section, enter the Hostname. In my case, is my hostname. It should be a fully qualified domain name.
  • In the IP address section, insert the primary address of your server.
  • If there are multiple IP addresses on your server and you want WHMCS to be assigned across them, you can enter them in Assign IP Addresses section.
  • In the Monthly Cost field, you can monitor the cost of server which helps in generating WHMCS reports. Enter the cost of that server.
  • You can mention the Datacenter location in Datacenter OR Network Operations Center (NOC) Use friendly names like MilesWeb UK, MilesWeb US, MilesWeb India.
  • In the “Maximum No. of Accounts” field you can set the limit for the number of accounts that should be setup on this server. Later, you can modify this limit as per your requirement.
  • In the Server Status Address section, enter the Status directory location. In general, it is in the install directory. So if you install it to public_html directory using Softaculous then “Status” directory will be If you install it to a directory, i.e. /public_html/whmcs then it would be at
  • In the Enable/Disable field, if you wish to disable this server then check on Tick to disable this server or keep it unchecked to enable it. Once ticked, no account can be setup on this server through WHMCS.
  • In the Nameservers section, enter the nameservers with IP addresses. These IP addresses are your nameserver IP addresses.
  • In the Sever Details section, in Module field select the option cPanel from drop-down menu.
  • Enter the username and password in the respective fields. This username should be root or your reseller username and Password must be the one that is assigned to the particular username.
  • If you use the Username and Password, make sure that the API Token field is left blank. If you prefer to use the API token then you will need to create a new API token. For this, log in to WHM and on the left hand side in the search box search for Manage API tokens and click on it.
  • Click on Generate Token
  • In the Name section, enter the name as per your choice. This name is just for your reference.
  • Keep all the settings default for the sections Should the API Token Expire? and Privileges respectively and click on Save
  • Now, you will see a message including the token. Copy this token as you will require it to enter in the API token field in Server Details section of WHMCS.
  • Here I am leaving Password field as blank because I am using API token.
  • Enter the API token which you have copied from WHM and click on Test Connection
  • In case you are using SSL then it is recommended to check this option. (Tick to use SSL mode for connections).
  • In case, you are using a custom port, tick the option Override with Custom Port and enter the port number or else this will read 2086 for standard, 2087 for SSL.
  • If, you as well as your team members want to have complete access to WHMCS then you can select Unrestricted option in SSO Access Control.
  • Now, click on Save Changes.

So in this way, you can add a new server in WHMCS.

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