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How to Configure Contact Form with SMTP/PHP Mail?

Approx. read time : 3 min

In this tutorial you will learn to configure your Contact Form Setting for allowing SMTP/PHP Mail to send email from Contact Form.

Select Contact Form Setting

Your localhost is used by PHP Mail function to send email from contact form while SMTP Mail function used a server to send email from your contact form. The contact form settings can be configured from SitePad Dashboard > Settings > Contact Form.

PHP Mail

  • You will find that PHP Mail is selected by default.
  • The same email-id needs to be added in To and From fields. So, enter multiple email address separated with comma, if you want to send emails to multiple recipients.
  • In Subject field enter the subject you want. You can add enter the for-mat here, if you need Dynamic Subject.
  • You are allowed to change the Success/Fail Message.
  • In order to avoid spam from your contact form you can add reCAPTCHA.
  • Next, click on Save button after filling the Settings.
Note: In case your host restricts you from sending mail using local server then you will need to Configure SMTP Mail.


For configuring SMTP mail you will need a Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail account. Alternately, you can use your Webmail account with all the SMTP settings given by your host in your control panel.

In Mailing Method, from the drop-down list select the SMTP Mail.

Fill the below fields:

SMTP Server (if you are using secure server port then please add ssl:// before the server domain i.e ssl://
SMTP Username (i.e Email Id)
SMTP Password (i.e Email Id Password)

Configure the settings for SMTP similar to that for PHP Mail i.e change Subject, change Success/Fail Message, Add reCAPTCHA to avoid spam.

Then click on Save button after filling the Settings.

That’s it! You have now learned to configure the contact form with SMTP.

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