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Difference Between Shared SSL and Private SSL.

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The acronym SSL stands for secure socket layers whose characteristic lies in encrypting and transmitting confidential and all sorts of information securely over the internet. Without SSL all the confidential information like Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, or any other information entered into a web site would be viewable to all the computers it goes through. SSL enables a secure lock in the web browser in order to make you and your clients feel safe.

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Shared SSL

Shared SSL is installed globally on the server and all clients can use it. It is configured to work with the server’s name. This is the reason why it will always show a pop-up warning when used with your domain name.

Shared SSL is not recommended for online transactions like with e-commerce where your clients might be reluctant and hesitate to enter confidential information after looking at the warning that appears when they access your site/domain. Shared SSL comes free of costs that are usually associated with setting up a SSL server.

The Shared SSL certificate is mainly deployed in situations where a secure connection to the server is intended and is not typically seen by the general public.  For example, when logging into the administration area of your website.

Private SSL

Private SSL is issued especially for your domain by a CA, trusted authority. Browsers can validate the private SSL and will show a secure icon which will eliminate the warning shown when using a shared ssl. Private SSL, are meant to be used for your own domain name to enable your customers to see your domain in the URL. However, Private SSL need to be paid the costs associated with setting up an SSL server.

Private SSL are widely used to transmit confidential information securely over the internet and thus, fulfill the requirement of private area needed publicly to access your domain. With the use of Private SSL you can instill trustworthiness among your clients/visitors and foster your business.