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How Can I Access Webmail ?

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In this article, we will learn how to access webmail through cPanel in three easy ways.

Before moving forward let’s see what are webmail applications?

Webmail applications allow you to check your email accounts by using a web browser. You can perform some common tasks like composing email messages, reading email messages, maintaining an address book, etc. There are Offline e-mail client applications available like Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook, that provides more features but then they also require more initial configuration.

In cPanel there are two webmail applications available that you can use :

1. Horde

2. Roundcube

Method 1 – How to access Webmail through the server’s IP address?

You might have got the server IP address from your hosting provider, this address allows you to access webmail.

For example: IP addresses are like https://server_ip:2096 (for HTTPS port) and http://server_ip:2095 (for the non-HTTPS port).

It will take you the main Webmail login window, where you will have to enter your Email address and password.
Access webmail


Method 2 – How to Access Webmail through your domain name?

The other and simpler way to access webmail is through using your domain name like this:

For example, if I have a domain name then I can access Webmail by using the link :

Also, you can use port number to access webmail like this: (for HTTPS port) or the non-HTTPS port). And the login window will appear as shown in the above method, where you will have to enter your email address and password.

Method 3 – How to Access Webmail through cPanel’s Email Account section?

Follow the steps to access Webmail through cPanel’s Email account section :

(i) Login to your cPanel and go to the Email Accounts section.


Access webmail 2


(ii) In the Email Accounts section, click on More which is next to your chosen Email Account, drag down and click on Access Webmail


Access Webmail 3

(iv) A window appears which will ask you to choose an email client.

Access Webmail 4

(v) Click on the Set as Default to select your client and it will select as your default client. It will appear automatically every time you open Webmail for that particular email account.

Conclusion :

These are the 3 easy steps to access webmail of your email account. From these all we would like you to recommend to use Roundcube email client as it is the most reliable and convenient one.

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