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How to install phpBB using Marketplace?

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phpBB is an internet forum package created in the PHP scripting language. phpBB has got its name from PHP Bulletin Board.

Perform the following steps to install phpBB using Marketplace :

1. Log in to your MilesWeb’s cPanel account.

2. Under the Websites section, click on the One-Click Installs icon.

3. Now click on the phpBB icon.

4. Click on the Install a Brand New Install button.

5. Identify and select the domain and folder where you wish to install phpBB.

6. Select the checkbox for Show Advanced Options.

7. Enter the Admin Username and Password in the respective text boxes.

8. Read complete GPU General Public License and then click on the checkbox that indicates you agree to the terms and conditions.

9. Click the Install Now button.

That’s it. The script will be installed within a few minutes. After installation, you will get a confirmation message with your Admin Username and password.

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