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How To Obtain an SSL Certificate?


MilesWeb SSL Certificates and Third-Party SSL Certificates

MilesWeb offers free SSL with Business hosting & WordPress hosting plans. Although we offer SSL they are limited to above two hosting platforms only. Clients with Reseller, VPS and Dedicated server hosting can purchase other SSL certificates we offer here for more robust security. Either way is to purchase them from other parties (third party) and outside of Milesweb.

We offer free installation of all the offered certificates by us, as well as the third-party.

It’s a matter of a couple of minutes with SSL Certificate installation purchased from MilesWeb, whereas more time is required for third-party SSL as additional steps are involved to ensure swift installations.

You must note that additional Dedicated IP may be required to purchase with SSL depending on the hosting plan and configuration.

Here’s the snippet of SSL Certificates offered by MilesWeb :


Third Party SSL

Clients with Shared & Reseller hosting with us need to contact our Support Dept by emailing to and have the third party SSL installed on the required domain. VPS & Dedicated server users can install certificates on their own or place a request as above.

Shared SSL

By using our shared SSL website contents can be accessed over https. Though we do not recommend the use of shared SSL it can be still installed and used on our servers for several reasons.

All our shared and reseller servers have a pre-installed shared SSL certificate

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