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Learn to Setup and Remove Redirects in cPanel

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The article explains how to use cPanel to configure a web page to redirect to a different web page.

What are redirects?

Redirects means, taking a web server from one to another web page, hence it is said, a redirection occurs when a web server gets redirected from one web page to another web page. Commonly directs are used to create shorter, easy to remember URLs that can redirect to longer URLs. Also, redirects are used to take a visitor from the old pages of a website to newer and updated web pages.

cPanel can be used to redirect multiple web pages, and it also allows you to specify whether redirections are temporary or permanent.

# Steps to add redirect

Perform the following steps to add redirects :

1. Log in to the cPanel account.

2. On the cPanel home screen, go to Domains section and click on Redirects.

Redirect in cPanel

3. Under the Add Redirect, select one redirect type :

• If you want to specify a permanent redirection, then select Permanent (301).

• If you want to specify a temporary redirection, then select Temporary (302).

301 and 302 refer to the HTTP status code that the server sends to a web browser.

4. Select the domain. After that type the web page that you want to redirect.

5. In the text box for redirects to, type the destination web page.

You are allowed to redirect a web page to another web page, or to a web page that is on different sites.

Redirect in cPanel

6. Now click Add.

# Steps to remove the redirect

You can also remove the redirect when you no longer want to redirect a page to another web page.

Remember that you cannot modify the redirects. All you can do is, delete the redirect and create a new one.
Perform the following steps to remove direct :

1. Log in to cPanel.

2. In the cPanel home screen, go to Domains section and click on Redirects.

3. Under the Current Redirects, go to the redirect that you want to remove, and then click on Remove.

4. Now click on Remove Redirect to confirm your deletion.

That’s how you can add and remove Redirects.

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