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The Step By Step Guide To Thunderbird Installation Process

Follow below mentioned tips for installation and configuration process of Mozilla Thunderbird.

1. Visit the Thunderbird download website. And, click on free download button given on the website.


2. You will get new window, showing to run or Save File option. Click on save file, by which file will be saved in your computer.


3. Now open the downloaded file, which will ask to Run the file.


4. Once you click on Run button, the installation process will began by extracting the downloaded file. Now new window would be launched, which will show you Thunderbird setup wizard.


5. By clicking on Next button, new window will open. You can select either standard type of setup (Thunderbird will be installed with most common options), or custom setup (You may choose individual options to be installed. It is mostly recommended for experienced users).


6. Click on Install to begin the Thunderbird installation.


7. New window will show you to Finish with the setup wizard and Launch Mozilla Thunderbird.


8. Click on the Skip this and use my existing email button, and you will see the new window. You will see the new account setup window, as shown below. Enter the details, and click on continue button.


9. As shown in the picture, enter the following settings,



Incoming port number:  993

Outgoing port number:  465

Incoming security:  SSL/TLS

Outgoing security:  SSL/TLS

Authentication: Normal Password

And, once you have entered all settings correctly, click on Done.


10. Now, Thunderbird will connect you to the mentioned email server. You can click on Inbox button to start with downloading inbox messages.


Your Thunderbird email account configuration in complete!!

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