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PHP vs ASP.NET: Know The Difference Between Two?


If you are a reader from the backend programming field, this PHP vs ASP.NET blog is for you!

PHP is one of the widely used frameworks to develop websites and applications. There are other frameworks also available to make the developer’s task easier. But still, more than 77.4% of all the websites are live whose server-side programming language we know.

ASP.NET is an open-source framework powered by Microsoft. And if you have websites built on it, we have Windows hosting for shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated hosting.

Web hosting is required after developing a website. Before that, it was the game of framework on which websites are built.

And here we are with two major names ASP vs PHP. Let’s have a look over which one wins the race!

What is PHP?

PHP, or Hypertext Processor, is an open-source framework we use to develop websites. Under this, there are different subcategories like Laravel and many more. Most developers find Laravel as the best PHP framework. We have also covered the same topic in the “Why Is the Laravel PHP Framework Best?” blog. Take advantage of reading it!

For higher site’s efficiency and speed, you may rely on our PHP hosting services that many developer’s communities prefer. 

Also, we will not cover this framework’s history because in our previous blogs PHP vs JavaScript, we covered it.

Additional information will be available here. So, don’t get out of this blog. PHP stands out from other languages because it is easy to embed into HTML code. It interprets the PHP code on a web server to form a whole or part of an HTTP response. Regarding ASP vs PHP, PHP is ahead because of its simplicity in computer language.

And let’s be very honest with you regarding market share! PHP holds the majority as compared to ASP.NET.

But wait! Don’t declare PHP the winner in the PHP vs ASP.NET match. Let’s discuss its competitor ASP.NET.

What is ASP.NET?

The full form of ASP is Active Server Pages, and .NET stands for Network Enabled Technologies. It is built with CLR (Common Language Runtime). Therefore, programmers write ASP code easily without using any .NET language. ASP.NET is a framework for building web applications, services, and dynamic content-driven websites. It is part of the Microsoft .NET platform and we recommend to opt for ASP.NET Hosting that makes all Windows software and applications compatible with the framework. 

ASP.NET is used to build dynamic websites, web applications and services. Being an open-source server-side web application framework, CRMs and enterprises find it a perfect choice for building websites.

Microsoft created it in 2002 to meet the scalability demands of enterprises. ERP applications, Console applications, and Enterprise level CRMs are easy to build with ASP.NET. Developers get the best UI and provide built-in caching features through it.

The good part is that; it supports all programming languages.

Now, let us discuss more head to head about these programming languages.

PHP vs ASP.NET: Understand Their Differences

1. Cost

There is only one area where PHP has an advantage over ASP.NET. Microsoft owns ASP.NET and charges a web hosting fee, whereas PHP is open-source and free.

If you are already leaning toward outsourcing your ASP.NET development, the fees should be reasonable enough to discourage you from doing so.

Additionally, PHP can be run on Mac, Windows, or Linux machines, whereas ASP.NET development services can only be run on Windows computers. You can use the Mono project to run ASP.NET for Macs and Linux users.

2. Scalability

A PHP web application is as scalable as an ASP.NET web application. Hiring skilled developers is more important than choosing a language that will scale. Your business’s state should be considered in this regard. PHP is preferred over ASP.NET if you’re a DIY Entrepreneur interested in developing with Drupal.

Hiring a lead developer or a team to build your website is best done by deferring to the best available talent. If your company already uses one or the other language, it shouldn’t matter whether that talent works in PHP or ASP.NET.

Even though PHP is more clunky than ASP.NET if you hire PHP programmers, this will show itself as a weakness in your website’s overall framework. It’s also important to note that ASP.NET belongs to the NET development pool.

3. Support

Are you looking for technical support in both? PHP has a vast community of developers from vibrant cultures and languages in this parameter. Your every problem answer will be available in the PHP community.

ASP.NET also possess the same, where dedicated developers and support contributors willingly assist users in different forums. All kinds of ASP.NET challenges will be resolved.

Get assured answers and solutions to overcome challenges. And if you have queries related to the web hosting operations, PHP hosting and Windows hosting service providers are available at your service 24×7.

4. Speed & Performance

A common misconception about website performance and speed is that the language in which you code determines your site’s speed.

Performance differences between PHP and ASP.NET websites, however, are very small.

Every web application queries a database and outputs the results to the web server – and ultimately to the end user’s browser.

To achieve the desired result, the coding language communicates with the database and web servers.

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ASP.NET and PHP web development can access file systems, find images, and display pages on a web server equally. Database servers, end-user computers, bandwidth, etc., all affect the speed of these performances.

It is a common misconception that ASP.NET is a more elegant language than PHP in web development.

It is true that ASP.NET does not allow as many irregularities in its code while still being able to run (which technically makes it an easier language for beginners to learn), but there are very few business benefits from being able to write “prettier code”.

Despite the fact that many expert PHP coders might reject the idea of building a site in PHP, popular sites such as MailChimp and Facebook written in PHP should dispel any notion that PHP sites perform lesser than ASP.NET sites.


Which is faster, ASP.NET or PHP?

Speed can vary based on optimization, server setup, and specific use-cases. Generally, ASP.NET can offer faster speeds than PHP due to its secured nature and SQL integration nature. However, with proper optimization, both can achieve impressive performance.

Which platform is more suitable for beginners: PHP or ASP.NET?

PHP is a beginner-friendly programming language. Due to its simplicity, vast community support, and wide range of beginner resources many developers use it. ASP.NET, while powerful, might have a challenging learning, especially for those unfamiliar with Microsoft’s ecosystem.

When to use PHP and ASP.NET?

Use PHP when:

  • You’re on a tight budget (open-source and widely supported by cheap hosting providers).
  • You want wide community support and numerous resources.
  • You’re developing on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack.

Use ASP.NET when:

  • You’re deeply integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem (e.g., using other MS products/services).
  • You need strong scalability and performance.
  • You want to leverage .NET libraries and its robust framework.

Which platform offers better performance: PHP or ASP.NET?

ASP.NET, being a compiled language, may offer better raw performance. However, with advancements in PHP, its performance has significantly improved. The difference in real-world scenarios might be negligible based on how each platform is optimized.

Bottom Line

You can choose the best language for your needs based on the above differentiation parameters between the two languages. You should select the right framework and web hosting infrastructure to meet the best requirements for online scalability MilesWeb is ready to assist you with your web hosting needs. We have 11+ years of experience in web hosting services. Contact our executives to learn more.

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